1. Morgan Creek Valley Primer - the geology, natural history, and prehistory of the Morgan Creek area, compiled by Johnny Randall of the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

2. History of the Kings Mill/Morgan Creek Neighborhood (1740-present)- A short history of land ownership and significant events from Mark Morgan's farm to the early 2000's.

3. Neighborhood Notables - Brief biographies of neighborhood residents who have distinguished themselves in various fields.

4. Tim Thomas' Recollections of Life in the Morgan Creek Neighborhoodin the 1950s - Recollections by Dr. Colin G. Thomas Jr. of building the second house in the Morgan Creek area in 1953.

5. The Measure of Moving to Chapel Hill - An article about Ginny and Ellis Rolett moving to Chapel Hill and building their house at 640 Morgan Creek Road; from the 1969 issue of New Homes Guide.

6. KMMC Neighborhood Stories - The "soft history" of the Kings Mill-Morgan Creek neighborhood, as told by neighbors past and present. kmmc_stories_12_6_2015.pdf.

7. The North Carolina Memorial Hospitaland the Kings Mill-Morgan Creek Neighborhood - The history of UNC Hospitals and its relationship to the KMMC neighborhood. ncmh_12_4_2015.pdf.