The Kings Mill – Morgan Creek Neighborhood is bordered by:

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We are pleased to call our neighbors:

Morgan Creek (or Morgan’s Creek, as it was once called) takes its name from the family of Mark Morgan, an early settler who came from Pennsylvania in pre-Revolutionary War days to farm land he had purchased from the Earl of Granville. According to legend, his first residence was in the hollow of a giant sycamore tree near the banks of the creek. Morgan eventually became a wealthy planter and was one of ten landowners who donated land for the establishment of the University of North Carolina in 1792. 

Kings Mill Road takes its name from a grist mill which once existed on Morgan Creek. King’s Mill first appeared on a map in 1833, and was identified as the Daniel Mill. It was later acquired by Christopher Barbee and run by him and his son-in-law. Ownership passed to Baxter and Jeanette King, who owned it around 1880, and gave the mill its present name. More in history.